Speak Out In Support Of Police Reform

Our Police Reform Committee has drafted five recommendations in support of meaningful policing reform in Tarrytown – which will be considered and discussed during the first Police Town Hall scheduled for tomorrow night (Tuesday, Jan. 26) at 7 PM.

The committee – which consists of select members of the village’s Police Reform and Reinvention Committee and other interested residents – began meeting in late 2020 to discuss and research numerous positive police reform initiatives that communities have implemented with some success across the country.

We are strongly urging the village trustees to include the recommendations in the village committee’s report to New York State – which was mandated by Governor Cuomo’s executive order last June. The village has scheduled two Police Reform Town Halls for January 26th and February 9th for the public to offer their input on the report.

The recommendations, which were presented to the larger village committee on Dec. 18th, are as follows:

  1. The establishment of a dedicated citizens’ advisory or review board (CCRB) within the village to provide independent civilian oversight
    (read the detailed proposal here)

  2. New de-escalation, anti-bias and antiracist training and continuing education for all police personnel – on an annual or biannual basis

  3. New programs initiated that would be dedicated to enhancing and maintaining officer wellness, including mental and behavioral heath services (read the detailed proposal here)

  4. The appointment of a professional Community Responder who could respond to mental or behavioral health and other calls

  5. The establishment (or extension) of a policing committee for ongoing discussions and listening sessions with the community

All of these proposals are based on research that the Police Reform Committee members have conducted into strategies that have worked successfully to reduce police-related violence and improve community relations with police forces elsewhere in the United States.

We strongly urge all of our members and supporters to turn out in support of these reform recommendations tomorrow night. Please visit the event page for access details via Zoom.