Police Reform Report Released

The Tarrytown-Sleepy Hollow Human Rights Police Reform Committee has released a report comprised of detailed proposals around five recommendations that were presented as discussion items to the Tarrytown Ad Hoc Police Reform and Reinvention Committee in mid-December. Our committee included 11 members from that village-appointed group.

The recommendations were as follows:

  1. The establishment of a dedicated citizens’ advisory or review board (CCRB) within the village to provide independent civilian oversight.
  2. New de-escalation, anti-bias and antiracist training and continuing education for all police personnel – on an annual or biannual basis.
  3. New programs initiated that would be dedicated to enhancing and maintaining officer wellness, including mental and behavioral heath services.
  4. The appointment of a professional Community Responder who could respond to mental or behavioral health and other calls.
  5. The establishment (or extension) of a policing advisory committee for ongoing discussions and listening sessions with the community.

The report that includes these detailed recommendation proposals can be found here. Following a meeting to go through these and other recommendations last night, the Tarrytown village trustees will be now be considering them at their work session scheduled for Feb. 24th – before finalizing and approving the village’s recommendations in a report that will be sent to New York State officials during their meeting on March 1st.

The trustees seem to have embraced some variations of these recommendations during their meeting last night – with the exception of the CCRB and Community Responder proposals. The recommendations were consolidated into the larger report (and in some instances, changed) without the input of any committee members. Stay tuned for more details.